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Social Selling Essentials

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This is Dean Seddon’s personal handbook for social selling and combines years of successful sales experience with our trailblazing consultancy services. Breaking down every step you need to take to achieve real results on social media. 

After reading Social Selling Essentials You have the ability to: 

  • Gain 10 New clients per month 
  • Encourage belief in your product, business and yourself 
  • Implement the Pain Matrix to solve your clients problems 
  • Leverage the 4 COGS system for Social Selling
  • Write problem-centric copy that converts 
  • Deliver a Killer sales pitch that always delivers results

Following our proven methods of social selling will turn any professional profile to a consistent sales generator. We’ve even included our personal sales pitch template which will achieve results, unlike anything you’ve seen before. 

Don’t just kickstart your social selling journey, tie a rocket to it by downloading our Social Selling Essentials.