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Mastering Digital Selling

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This course is designed to help convert high-value products and services using social selling techniques carefully curated through years of online sales and marketing. 

Many sales and business development leaders find it tough to guide their sales teams in selling complex services. This is especially difficult for social selling. This can lead to lengthy conversations with no conversion and a frustrated team taking impulsive actions to sell to anyone who will listen. 

However, there is a way you can generate interest and create key conversations. By Mastering Digital Sales. 

Within this course, we guide you through. 

  • The real reasons why sales teams underperform online
  • High-value selling across digital channels
  • How to support cold-callers to become digital performers
  • Corporate selling in a social world

Maximise the potential of your sales team with this course by following the Maverrik Method and start driving forwards your sales figures. 

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