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How to Get Consistent Sales from LinkedIn

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Who is this training for?
Business owners who...
  • Want to generate leads and clients online.
  • Don't want to do pushy sales tactics
  • Want consistent and repeatable results
  • Think about sales as a 'necessary evil'


Why should you listen to me?

  • I started from nothing… no big budget.
  • I’ve travelled and trained thousands based on my results.
  • I’ve tried and tested most of the strategies out there.
  • I don’t believe in pie-in-the-sky.
  • I’ve got a track record of results.


How I got into Linkedin...

  • Joined LinkedIn over 10 years ago – did nothing.
  • 5 years ago – was running an agency.
  • Started using LinkedIn to avoid cold-calling.
  • Fallout with a business partner.
  • Developed my own LinkedIn strategy.
  • Went from £2,000 pm to £70,000 pm in sales