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How to Get Consistent Sales from LinkedIn - Free Social Selling Crash Course

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How To Get Consistent Sales Using LinkedIn is a Kickstart Tutorial for LinkedIn Sales. 


30-Minutes of training for those who want to generate leads and clients online without resorting to paid aids, pushy tactics and cold pitching. 

This tutorial is led by Dean Seddon who started this process without any budget and through implementing this process has generated a £1 million consultancy business. 

Within this tutorial you’ll learn: 

  • The problem you’re overlooking with Lead Generation
  • 3 Gaps in your social selling knowledge 
  • 3 Steps to need to take
  • How to review your results with a strategic eye

This is a FREE crash course, but it covers the essential information you’re missing when starting your sales journey on LinkedIn. Where you can learn the mistakes people make without making them yourself.