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Create Content that Converts Course

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Have you been left in the dust on LinkedIn? With content being overlooked and sales messages ignored? You're not alone. There are hundreds and thousands of pieces of content being posted on LinkedIn at any given time. Which is a lot of noise to cut through if you want your sales messages heard. Tough, but not impossible.

Content That Converts is a course crafted to cut through the fog and land you in front of your target audience with the express purpose of sales.

This course is for salespeople tired of the wasted social selling potential they see in front of them. It's for marketers and thought leaders tired of low engagement. It's for anyone looking for an effective call to action.

What is covered during the course:

-LinkedIn posting tools and how to use them.
-How to create content that wins with the content Wins and Losses guidelines.
-Leveraging pain point content that instigates action.
-How to use TASTE to tell your audience everything about you and the value you bring.
- Creating content that converts.

Crafting sales content that works is a process that you can't get right without an exact thought process and plan. Pick up the course today and get ready to craft some compelling content.

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