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Win Your Next Client on LinkedIn Digital Course

£295.00 GBP

Win Your Next Client on LinkedIn has helped thousands of business owners to use LinkedIn to get more clients.

This course will guide you through how to turn your LinkedIn activity into new business revenue. 

From closing 6 new clients in less than three months to opening the door for a 1.5 Million Deal, Win Your Next Client on LinkedIn is the sales and marketing course that delivers results. 

Learn all the strategies that make LinkedIn your greatest platform for new business. 

Throughout the course, you will learn...

  • Why the 100 connection limit doesn't matter.
  • How to build a £1m sales pipeline using LinkedIn.
  • 5 ways you can generate sales and leads from LinkedIn in the next 30 days.
  • How to write compelling posts that get your inbound leads.
  • How to get 250,000 organic content views per month.
  • The 3 DM strategies for getting meetings booked.
  • The Social Selling process will work for any industry and doesn't get you blocked or banned.
  • How to get results without hitting up people... no automation.

Who is the training for? 

This course is for business owners, salespeople, marketers and entrepreneurs who have experience on LinkedIn, understand the tools and platform but are missing that vital element to winning new business. If messages are getting ignored, if your content has a limited shelf life and low engagement, if you feel like your actions are stabs in the dark rather than actions building towards success this course is if you. 

At the end of WYNCOL, you will have…

  • Thousands of profile and content views
  • A thriving company page and brand
  • Lead generation techniques that bring in sales.
  • A consistent sales strategy on LinkedIn
  • A sales process that will never rely on cold pitching 
  • Confidence in a process that is scalable and reliable.

Win Your Next Client on LinkedIn is a part of our LinkedIn Elite Programme presented as the number one strategy to build consistent sales using LinkedIn. 

Get started today and see your LinkedIn profile become the biggest sales pillar for your business.