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Mentorship Programme

£1,500.00 GBP

The Mentorship Programme is your ongoing support service after the Accelerator Programme. Full support for any setbacks or roadblocks which naturally arise. Have the answers at your fingertips rather than at the mercy of frantic web searches. 

2 Personal Strategy and Results calls with Dean

Don’t fall back into bad habits and review your results on a bi-weekly basis with Dean. Maintain the momentum and figures you’ve received during your accelerator programme. 

3 months of ongoing support from the Maverrik Team

Social platforms, applications and technology are consistently updating. When you’ve found your path and it suddenly gets obstructed it can be frustrating. The best option is to call one of our team members to navigate through the problem. Whatever the issue you’ll have our ongoing support on demand. 

The Mentorship Programme is your way of achieving the same results you’ve consistently enjoyed during the Accelerator Programme without starting from square one. This is the next step for your time at Maverrik.

Price is inclusive of VAT 

*Disclaimer* We operate a fair use policy throughout the service. This ensures enough time and energy is used for each member of the Mentorship Programme.