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LinkedIn Strategy Session

£195.00 GBP

After purchase you will receive a download PDF to book a time slot for your strategy session.

This one-hour session is personally designed to get your LinkedIn moving in the right direction. Some problems just can’t be fixed with a simple Google search. You may not even know there is a problem and are looking for that extra push in your sales. Maybe your content is failing to take off? Whatever your problem, this session will tackle them and move you forwards. When your car breaks down you will take it to a professional, when your LinkedIn strategy fails you take it to a Maverrik. 

Your strategy session will be designed specifically for you. What you will receive will vary depending on the problems you may be facing. Which is what makes this session an important step in helping you achieve your LinkedIn success. 

No long introductions, no searching for answers and no large groups. Just a professional strategist solving your LinkedIn problems face to face.

Book today, select your date and a time that suits you and let’s get started! 


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